LemonCandy School ERP
Design Strategy
Executive Intent: 
Create a mobile app that can be synced with LemonCandy, School ERP Solution and make the task of day to day entry of student details easier for the teachers
Market Segment:
School / College Teachers
Marketing/Branding Goals:
Accuracy and Reliability
User Profile:
Age Group: 24-60,
Domain Expertise: Average, Experts,
Computer Expertise: Moderate to High,
Mobile Usage: Novice to Experts,
Language: English, Malayalam
Environment Profile:
Mostly Indoor, Good lighting conditions
General Tasks:
Mark Attendance, Assign Homework, Edit Teacher Profile, Read Blogs, View / Schedule Events in Calendar
Technical Constraints:
Mobile App in Android and iOS, Different types of attendance systems
Work like printed attendance registry, where present and absent students are marked every day.
Critical Success factors:
Teachers to update attendance and homework every day in the mobile app
Usability Criteria:
Complete attendance taking process in 1 minute

Affinity diagram for priority
Visual Designs
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